To celebrate my solar return this year, I'm delighted to share with you an array of offerings! 

Voice Activation Journey 

Through this 5-part voice activation, you'll be invited into unlocking your expression and freeing your voice.  

P.S. This is a rare container held by Andrea that can be attended by men (or anyone). 

Vocal Alchemy Bundle    

Within this special birthday bundle, you'll receive 22 Vocal Alchemy soundscapes and transmissions.

(they will be downloadable in mp3 format) 

P.S. If you're unfamiliar with Vocal Alchemy, you can learn more & receive clicking HERE

Orgasmic Breathwork
Guided Journey

In this guided journey, you'll receive a teaching into the essence of Orgasmic Breathwork and a 30-minute guided journey into the practice itself.
NOTE: this journey is already included if you're a part of the Reclaiming Your Pleasure (RYP) program. 



Reclaiming Your Pleasure

This 2-month deep dive online program is soul-nectar for the woman who has lost connection to her pleasure (whether through an abrupt life transition or a slow severing) and is ready to reclaim her birthright of eros, ecstasy, & embodiment. 

We've just begun the live program, but you can still join us for the remainder (or access the go-at-your-own-pace self-guided version).  

Custom Vocal Alchemy Soundscape 

Receive a bespoke transmission brought through intentionally for you.  

Learn what they're beneficial for by clicking HERE

 P.S. These also make great gifts!

Pleasure Portal:
5-day virtual immersion

Within this bundle, you'll receive the contents of the Pleasure Portal:
- 5 live 1-hour call replays
- 3 of the guided audio-only journeys for ease of revisiting
- 5 home practice invitations
-BONUS: Birthright of Bliss {vocal alchemy soundscape}

Guided Journeys & Meditations

Be invited on guided audio journeys and meditations with Andrea, overlayed with vocal alchemy soundscapes to enhance and activate the experience


Vocal Alchemy Soundscapes

Individual soundscapes and transmissions are also part of the birthday sale! (Though, the bundle above is the best value by far.)