Welcoming you, woman, into a guided journey to honor the tradition of Imbolc. 

This sabbat (holy day) on the Wheel of the Year is a space to savor the remaining inwardness of winter, while also feeling the stirrings of spring soon to come. 

In ancient times, Imbolc was celebrated as a time to reaffirm life and begin thinking about the upcoming harvest season. Carrying this tradition forward, we will gently attune to the subtle uncoiling within and turn towards fresh beginnings. 

(This way of honoring the new year to come is aligned with the seasons of nature, which was historically always associated with springtime. This is why many people feel of sync when they try go along with January 1st as representing the new year, as this is a time to still be inward in winter’s cocoon.)

This virtual journey invites you to connect with the essence of Imbolc at your own pace. 

Through it, we rest in the peaceful, liminal space between winter and spring.

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This Imbolc Ceremony will offer a space for you to: 

  • Go on a journey inward and attune to any areas of your life you yet get to rest into for the remainder of the winter season (and, for those who have powered through the winter, this will give an invitation to slow down and savor this time of year) 
  • Begin to gently connect with the essence of springtime to come and what seeds you will be planting in the coming season 
  • Make sacred offerings to goddess Brigid and sew seeds in the form of prayer 

The journey will include: 

  • A sacred milk ritual to honor the goddess Brigid who is the matron of Imbolc (you'll be taught how to create the ritual in your own space) 
  • A guided visualization + Vocal Alchemy journey
  • Embodiment flow
  • Journaling + reflection practices 
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Do I have to go into the journey on Imbolc itself?
Nope - the essence of it will carry you into springtime and you're welcome to watch at any point!

Where will I find the contents of the journey? 
The journey will be uploaded on February 5th. After you sign up, you'll receive an email with the contents. (If for whatever reason you don't, please check your spam folder and, if not there, email hello@soulfulvessel.com)

Will a replay be available? 
This is a pre-recorded journey, so you can access it at your own pace. 

How long will I have access to the materials?
This is a lifetime access, however...to ensure continued access, please download the contents onto your own device. (Of course, to be used solely by your lovely yourself.)  

About Your Hostess

Andrea Nicholas has been working with women and facilitating globally for over a decade.

The core of her work is inviting women into embodying the full spectrum of  of their womanhood. She believes it is each woman's birthright to express her full range.

Her work weaves together the feminine arts, voice activation, embodiment, womb wisdom, and cyclical living.

Additionally, Andrea is a Vocal Alchemist and offers sound ceremonies globally at sacred sites and live events. As well as the creation of custom soundscapes virtually.